Bhagyalakshmi Scheme For Girls Of BPL Families In Karnataka State

Bhagyalakshmi Scheme

The Karnataka government has implemented many schemes for the development of children. Bhagyalakshmi is one of the best Schemes for girls, who born in BPL families. Below in this article, we provide detail information about the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme. This Scheme was launched by the Government of Karnataka during 2006-07 and is applicable to BPL families having girl children.

Objectives Of The Scheme

The scheme  main objectives are

  • To promote the birth of girl children among families identified as below the poverty line.
  • To increase the status of girl child thereby raising the status of the society.
  • To support the birth of girl child in economically weaker families and to raise their status within the family and society.
  • To provide Financial assistance to the girl child through her mother/father/natural guardian subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions


  • The benefits are restricted to only 2 girls in the family. The total number of children in the family should not be more than 3 and the father, mother or guardian of the girl child should have undergone terminal family planning methods.
  •  A sum of Rs. 10,000/- is deposited in the selected financial institution in the name of the girl child on enrolment under the Scheme and after proper verification.
  • The objective of depositing the amount with the financial institution is to maximize the amount. The deposit of Rs. 10,000/- ad the accrued interest is made available to the girl beneficiary at the age of 18 years. In a family, an amount of Rs. 34,751/- to the first girl child and Rs. 40,918 to the second girl child enrolled under the Scheme is permissible.
  •  Scholarships and insurance benefits will be made available to the beneficiary as interim payment subject to the continued fulfillment of eligibility criteria laid down in the Scheme.
  •  In the event of the girl child falling sick a maximum of Rs. 25,000/- is provided as a medical insurance Scheme. Further, in the event of natural death of the insured child, a sum of Rs. 42,500/- is given.
  •  If the insured child dies in an accident, a sum of Rs. 1,00,000/- is given to the family.


This Scheme an eligibility criteria has been laid down by the Government of Karnataka which is as follows:

  •  It is compulsory to register the birth of the girl child
  • All girl children born to below poverty line (BPL) families after 31 March 2006 are eligible to take benefits under this scheme.
  • This scheme is for only two girl children of the BPL family.
  • The girl should not be a child labour.
  • Immunization should have been done as per the health department programme. In order to be eligible for the maturity amount, it is compulsory that the beneficiary completes 8th standard and she should not have been married off before she reaches the age of 18.