Brief information about The Telangana Sheep Distribution scheme Details on Subsidy

Breif information about Telangana Sheep Distribution scheme
Brief information about Telangana Sheep Distribution scheme

Telangana government has launched another welfare scheme for the Yadava and Kurma communities. The Government will be distributing about 42 lakh sheep to the eligible people across the state. 42 lakhs of sheep are being distributed in the present financial year and an equal number of sheep will be assigned next year. Here we are providing Brief information about the Telangana Sheep Distribution scheme.

The sheep will be provided with a 75 percent subsidy. A three-member committee constitute MRO, MDO and a veterinary doctor is set up to identify beneficiaries.

The government of Telangana has created a record of arranging when it distributed 65.04 lakh sheep to 3.09 lakh units. The intention was to end the transfer of Golla and Kuruma community members to other areas in search of livelihood and better their financial condition. Each unit comprised 20 sheep and a ram. These sheep gave birth to around 32 lakh lambs bringing buoy to the community members.

India’s largest sheep distribution program has now become a role model for other States which sent their counselor to study the Telangana model.

Details of Subsidy

The government spent Rs 2,939 crore under 75 percent subsidy component and community members added another Rs 958 crore to get the units. “On average, we distributed 10,000 sheep every day,” said Telangana State Sheep. And Goat Development Cooperation Federation (TSSGDCF) Managing Director Dr. V Laxma Reddy. Sheep were procured from other States like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Odisha. He said the program had a great impact on pumping up rural economy, with the 30 lakh shepherd community members directly. 6-7 lakh are indirectly depending upon the sheep-rearing profession and now they are gaining benefits in a big way.

Besides the distribution of sheep, the CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao also approved Rs 6 crore for the insurance of the sheep and for the first time in the country, the State government launched 100 mobile veterinary clinics for livestock healthcare. The mobile clinics are approved in 100 Assembly constituencies and can be easily crack through a toll-free number.